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Confidential data policy

Security of your personal data is very important for X Media Limited (which will be called here "ZuDate" or "we"), which owns www.ZuDate.com site ("Site").

We are committed to maintain the confidentiality of personal data we receive so you can use the site by using the programs, procedures and cutting-edge technologies that ensure data security. The purpose of this security policy is to show how you collect, store, use and provide the information that you give and what rights you have with respect to such information.

1. What information is collected and what is their purpose

By registering on the site give ZuDate right to provide X Media Limited (hereinafter referred to as "ZuDate"), an affiliate ZuDate which they operate www.ZuDate.eu website ("site ZuDate"), all Personal information collected by ZuDate.
Also give ZuDate right to provide any personal information collected ZuDate ZuDate.
We may use this personal information to occasionally send you information about events and breaking news and to provide you with support services. If you do not wish to receive such information you choose so by following the instructions in one of these emails.
ZuDate may make available such information on site users ("members ZuDate") by other website users (registered or not) as part of your public profile from ZuDate: ZuDate ID, date to which you have registered on the site, the last date you logged on the site, country of residence, chosen avatar, personal image provided messages to other members of the site and the VIP site ZuDate.

2. Confidentiality

ZuDate make special efforts to protect the confidentiality of data collected from members ZuDate and will not allow, intentionally, the access to these data ZuDate any outside parties, except members ZuDate or as specified in the policy on confidential data.
ZuDate made significant efforts to acquire servers and cutting-edge technologies for databases, backup systems, software firewalls and encryption procedures to protect the information collected. ZuDate All employees are required to comply with these terms regarding confidential data protection policy.
This policy ensures that all such information is strictly confidential and this obligation remains in force and after a particular employee left the company. Also, and you should take an active role in protecting your information.
Your password is confidential and ZuDate account should not say to anyone, nor to allow anyone to learn.

3. Limits of confidentiality

Legal exceptions: due to current laws, ZuDate may be required, under certain circumstances, to provide information about its members.
ZuDate will make every effort to limit the situations in the following cases: when ZuDate thinks it necessary to do so as a response to a warrant or other court action by or when it is necessary to identify, contact or shareholders court against a person or a court to protect and / or enhance the rights ZuDate.
Besides, we have the right and hereby give us permission to provide information about you to third parties when we believe it is necessary in connection with an investigation of fraud, intellectual law, practice of piracy or other illegal activities may expose us a legal investigation.

4. Who gets this information?

Besides the necessary actions in situations described in section 4, we provide information collected by ZuDate and may provide such information to our employees, employees of other ZuDate affiliates or by third parties providing services using such information in order to provide new services necessary by the fact that you are a member ZuDate. All recipients of this clause are subject to the rules on personal data protection to ensure that these data are not accessed by anyone other than those which were intended.

5. Your rights regarding the information provided

We can write at any time to receive a copy of your information to correct any inaccuracies. Where appropriate you can request that your information be deleted, corrected or completed. For such cases please contact us at the email address [email protected] It is possible to apply a small fee to cover your request.

6. Cookies

You may send you a temporary cookie when you visit the site. A cookie is a string of information in text that is saved in your computer in order to recognize you when you visit the site again. It is possible to use data files generated by cookies to collect statistical data related to access our site. You are not obliged to accept cookies and you can accept or reject such cookies by changing the settings of your web browser. Please visit the website www.cookiecentral.com / faq for more information about the storage, use and delete cookie files.

7. Acceptance policy on confidential

data By registering ZuDate site or using our website without register you agree with the terms of this privacy policy confidential.
You may occasionally modify this policy and advise you to check back on this page regularly consult it. Using ZuDate services is deemed your agreement on this policy and any changes that will be made.
In the event of conflict or inconsistency, the policies set forth in section Terms and Conditions take precedence over those in this policy.